©Lorenz Holder
The MINI by CI Surfboards
Surfs like a MINI #CIMINI

The initial idea behind the MINI by CI was to translate all the unique driving properties of a MINI Cooper car into a surfboard design suited for all surfers, looking for race DNA in a user-friendly form.
In May 2014 first meetings with Channel Islands Surfboards were held in Santa Barbara, California. Channel Islands Surfboards - being the most prestigious surfboard manufacturer on the planet - put 1 year of R&D into the project and eventually came up with a shape that delievers beyond expectations. Surfing legend and MINI owner Kalani Robb co-developed the design, guaranteeing The MINI by CI turned out to be an instant classic.
The board carries the all-new MINI 2D wings logo. It will be sold in surf-shops around the world and create positive MINI brand awareness in a whole new environement.
The MINI by CI Surfboards story has been used by MINI in product presentation (The New Clubman), PR and corporate communciation. #cimini